Services and Fees

Hours of Operation


Our Services
Get Acquainted visit (FREE):  An initial consultation is required before your first service can be provided.  This consultation will give us time to learn about your pets, fill out paperwork, take notes about your home and required tasks, and collect 2 sets keys from you, and a copy of your pet’s vaccination records.

Additional get-acquainted visits will be charged regular pet sitting fee.

Vacation/Business trip visits: We provide full service visits which include: walks, play time, meals, snuggles and belly rubs, bring in mail, water plants, alternate lights & blinds, etc.
Visits are 30 min.
$24/visit for 1 or 2 pets.  $2 extra for each additional pet.

Extended visits:
45 min. – $30.  $2 extra for each additional pet.
60 min. – $35.  $2 extra for each additional pet.

Mid-Day walks: Visits include an energetic walk, feeding (if required), play time, snuggles and belly rubs.
Visits are 30 min.
$24/visit for 1 or 2 dogs.
$2 extra for each additional dog.

Miscellaneous fees:
–  Pick up/drop off at Vet or Boarding Facility – $25 each way.
–  Veterinary Visit (transport ill or injured pet)- $30/hour.
–  Trip to store (pet food, kitty litter etc.) – $15 (+ price of item).
–  Key pick up or drop off – $15 each way.

We accept personal checks, cash or you can pay with Zelle
There is a $30 fee for all returned checks.